Learn Engineering from Innovators.

STEAM education to empower the innovator in you

Learn Engineering from Innovators.

STEAM education to empower the innovator in you

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end-to-end innovation skills

Learn multi-disciplinary skills in a holistic way with hands-on projects.


Design-Engineering Process

Learn the end-to-end process of an innovative engineer, from brainstorming ideas and defining requirements to prototyping, testing, and constructing a build.


Research and Exploring Design Options

Breaking a complex problem into individual parts, conduct experiments, research and analysis on various design options to determine the best build path.


Principles Of Mechanical Engineering

Get your mechanical fundamentals really strong and be able to build amazing contraptions that move and work as your design intends. Understand the working of simple machines to motors & pneumatics.


Materials and Build Techniques

Turn ideas into real objects and devices using simple materials and assembly techniques. Learn the construction processes and tips for working with wood, metal, and plastic, so that you can build anything you can imagine.


CAD Modeling with Fusion 360

Learn how to use Computer-Aided Design software for visualizing, planning, designing, and ordering parts.


3D Printing

Bring your CAD designs to reality using 3D Printing. Learn how to practically use this technology for creating parts for your projects.


Circuitry, Sensors, and Effectors

Understand the physics behind electrical systems, from sensors used to process inputs to effectors that make things happen. 


Programming Circuits with Arduino

Give your circuits intelligence using microcontrollers & programming with the Arduino ecosystem.


Internet of Things using MQTT

Make your electronics talk over the internet to remotely send sensor data or receive commands to actuate effectors using M2M protocols like MQTT.


Introduction to Embedded Linux & Raspberry PI

Take what you would have already learnt with electronics and programming to the next level, and perform highly complex tasks with ease using the Raspberry Pi.


Documentation & Version control with Git

Document and manage your projects like a world-class engineer using Git and Github and leave your digital fingerprint online for the world to recognize your potential.


Presentation & Storytelling

Learn how to package your projects and builds with presentation & storytelling and get others to care and support the things you build.

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