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Learn the end-to-end process for innovating hardware in 30 days. From brainstorming ideas to practical methods of building things using mechanics, electronics, and programming, this course will have you covered.

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Called a “Technology Changemaker” by TEDx, Vijay Varada is an obsessive tinkerer, award-winning inventor, storyteller, and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of art, design, and technology.

He is a Mechatronics engineer and the founder of Fracktal Works, scaling it from his dorm room in college to a national brand in 3D Printing.

He is an author, a two-time Hackaday Prize winner, TEDx Speaker, 25under25 2016 Alumnus, and also set up the world’s first 3D printed wind turbine in Antarctica on an expedition with Climate Force 2041.

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Engineering Course

Includes Electronics, Coding and Mechanical Design Fundamentals
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end-to-end innovation skills


Design-Engineering Process

Learn the end-to-end process of an innovative engineer, from brainstorming ideas and defining requirements to prototyping, testing, and constructing a build.


Research and Exploring Design Options

Breaking a complex problem into individual parts, conduct experiments, research and analysis on various design options to determine the best build path.


Principles Of Mechanical Engineering

Get your mechanical fundamentals really strong and be able to build amazing contraptions that move and work as your design intends. Understand the working of simple machines to motors & pneumatics.


Materials and Build Techniques

Turn ideas into real objects and devices using simple materials and assembly techniques. Learn the construction processes and tips for working with wood, metal, and plastic, so that you can build anything you can imagine.


CAD Modeling with Fusion 360

Learn how to use Computer-Aided Design software for visualizing, planning, designing, and ordering parts.


3D Printing

Bring your CAD designs to reality using 3D Printing. Learn how to practically use this technology for creating parts for your projects.


Circuitry, Sensors, and Effectors

Understand the physics behind electrical systems, from sensors used to process inputs to effectors that make things happen. 


Programming Circuits with Arduino

Give your circuits intelligence using microcontrollers & programming with the Arduino ecosystem.


Internet of Things using MQTT

Make your electronics talk over the internet to remotely send sensor data or receive commands to actuate effectors using M2M protocols like MQTT.


Introduction to Embedded Linux & Raspberry PI

Take what you would have already learnt with electronics and programming to the next level, and perform highly complex tasks with ease using the Raspberry Pi.


Documentation & Version control with Git

Document and manage your projects like a world-class engineer using Git and Github and leave your digital fingerprint online for the world to recognize your potential.


Presentation & Storytelling

Learn how to package your projects and builds with presentation & storytelling and get others to care and support the things you build.

Get Certified!

Earn recognition for your expertise in hardware development with our online certification program. By completing our comprehensive course, you’ll demonstrate your ability to effectively problem solve, design and build projects. This certification program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality projects.
Get certified from industry leaders in 3D printing.

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Before class starts, there are few things you’ll need to do to be ready to go on Day 1. We explain how to get set up, what to expect, and how to get the most out of the class.

  Welcome to the course!

  Using the Learning Platform

  How to learn FAST

  Creating your own build for this course

Tools & Materials Overview

Safety & Waiver

5 Lessons – 0:45 hours


The course begins with the Design Thinking methodology for problem-solving. Brainstorm and research problems worth

  Introduction to the Course

  The Design-Engineering Process overview

  Introduction to Brainstorming

  Brainstorming Part 1 : Scenes

  Brainstorming Part 2 : Problems

  Brainstorming Part 3 : Solutions

  Down-selecting and funneling ideas

Assignment 1 : Brainstorm your idea!

  Introduction to the Research phase

  Research Part 1 : Requirements & Exploration

  Research Part 2 : Research & Experimentation

  Conducting Experiments

  Sketch out your design!

  Week 1 Summary

Assignment 2 : Sketch out your build!

14 Lessons – 2:42 hours


Gain skills to build physical prototypes using digital fabrication technologies as well and traditional techniques.

  Introduction to Prototyping


  Troubleshooting & Iterating the Prototype

  Materials & Tools

  Simple Machines

  Angular Motion

  Linear Motion

  Transfer of Motion

  Testing the prototype of the first build!

  Introduction to Computer-Aided Design

  Overview of Fusion 360

  Part modeling in Fusion 360

  Assemblies and Joints in Fusion 360

  Designing the Cat-O-Matic in Fusion 360

  Exporting for Digital Fabrication

  Introduction to 3D Printing

  3D Printing and Slicing

  Final Build

  Finding Ideas Online

18 Lessons – 4:12 hours


Learn the fundamentals of electronics as well and how it can interact with the physical world along with code and logic.

  Introduction to Electronics

  Electronic Fundamentals

  Creating Logic with Electronics

  Introduction to Arduino

  Arduino Hardware Overview

  Arduino Software Overview

  Programming Fundamentals

  Programming with Digital I/O

  Analog Input/Output

  Interfacing Peripherals

  Hi 5 Robot : Research & Exploration

  Hi 5 Robot : Sketching & Planning an Electronic Build

  Prototyping Internet of things

  Hi5 Robot Prototyping & Iterating

  Hi 5 Robot Final Build

16 Lessons – 3:45 hours


Apply the scientific method to test assumptions, build prototypes and present themselves to the world in a manner that makes stakeholders care.

  Raspberry Pi introduction

  Setup & Installation

  Raspberry Pi Programming Overview

  Documentation & Storytelling

  Introduction to version control and collaboration with Github

  Keep Learning and Growing as an Innovator

Final Build Submission

7 Lessons -1:15 hours

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